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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Vape Juice

Vape Juice - Revolution has introduced the vaping community to a new level

The popularity of Vape Juice is soaring. With more and more people turning to vaping every day, one of the first decisions they will face is whether to purchase an automatic or a manual e-cig. The terms “automatic” and “manual” refer to the battery, and there are some major differences between the two. It is important to understand these differences in order to purchase the product that will best fit your needs. 

Our products Vape Juice are considered alternative products, are sold only to adults of legal smoking age, and are not intended for use by non-smoking adults. 

Nitro Vapes Takes pride in all our hand crafted E Liquids and E Juice. Vaping Liquid is 100% American made and is a blend of PG, VG, natural organic alcohol based flavorings and may contain nicotine. Since our e juice is mixed fresh it is best to steep your nicotine juice before use to give the juices time to oxidize and become more flavor full. Products Vapor Juice stated as VG only will not contain PG. The typical mix is 80% VG/20% PG unless otherwise specified.
If you are considering switching from traditional smoking to vaping, then there are some things that you will want to make sure that you completely understand before you purchase your starter kit. There are quite literally thousands of Vapor Juice cartridges out there that vary based upon the manufacturer and the type. Learning about them can help you make a better decision. 

The first kind of electronic cigarette cartridges are the refillable kind and they are more often referred to as reservoirs, “tanks”, or even “barrels”. The idea is that these can be refilled with the e liquid USA of your choice from any manufacturer and in any flavor. There are dozens of these “Vaping Liquid” manufacturers out there, and there are hundreds of flavors from which you can choose. With a refillable tank, you’ll be able to completely customize your experience. Keep in mind, though, that refilling these e-cigs can be a meticulous process. If this is your option of choice, you’ll need a steady hand. 

There are also pre-filled Vaping Liquid cartridges out there which are easier to use than the refillable ones, but they don’t provide quite as much customization. For instance, if you purchase an e-cig that uses pre-filled cartridges, you’ll quickly realize that these items are not universal. You will have to purchase the right cartridge for the brand of e-cig you purchased, and they can be quite difficult to find – especially if the flavor you prefer is in high demand at your local shop. You can always order online, but this can take some time. The best advice for a pre-filled model is to keep a stockpile of your favorite cartridges. 

Choosing vaping products can be overwhelming, even for experienced electronic cigarette smokers. Fortunately, reviews of products such as the Smoke ARO Winder 2000mAh Starter Kit help people make informed decisions. That makes it simple to find the perfect vaping product. 

We firmly believe that for current adult tobacco smokers, the Ecig Juice is an invaluable alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and we actively support ongoing research, development and education related to this. We also watch related regulatory issues and work to have consumers’ voices heard. 

Well, to get started you can read our summaries: About e-Cigs and About Ecig Juice.  But the truth is, there is more information out there than you can imagine. So much information that someone new to vaping (or simply interested in finding out just what the heck vaping is) can quickly become overwhelmed, confused or even discouraged. We know – we were there once. 

In this section of this site we provide useful help and information links categorized by topic, and an evolving archive of articles, developments and news related to Ecig Juice. It’s intended to be a source of information for people learning about vaping as well as a news source for veteran vapers. We encourage you to comment, discuss, ask questions or contribute!

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